Welcome to our web site!
This web site is devoted to the fans and racers who love Blown Fuel Altereds and the drivers who pilot them! There is no greater sense of excitement than to get behind the wheel of one of these potent monsters and fighting for control of it all the way down the track. It is truly an experience not to be forgotten! If you've driven one, you know. If you haven't, I can't begin to explain it. It is mechanical mayhem and anarchy, in intense, 4-second bursts!
Up and Running Now!

This new organization is forming now and we PLAN to be racing CLASSIC NITRO FUNNY CARS at a track near you in 2015. We felt that the Midwest States were getting left out of the Classic NITRO Funny Car schedules, so we decided to do it ourselves.

Watch for the inaugural 2015 event schedule the new website:
No Upcoming Event