Fuelish Habit Racing Profile Information
Our mission is to have some good, clean fun, while burning as much nitromethane as possible!
Oh, yeah!, --- Without hurting too many parts!
Fuelish Habit Racing Race Car Information
1923 Ford T Bucket or 1971 Mustang Mach 1
S&W Chrome Moly Funny Car
Forged billet 526 Cubic Inch TFX-2000 Hemi (4.375" X 4.375") with Alan Johnson Performance Engineering dual plug fuel heads with down nozzles.
Mooneyham 14-71 standard helix, big discharge @ 25% overdrive
25% Lenco, CO2 shifted 2 speed w/ reverser
3 Disk Titanium Crowerglide. Centrifigal unit. Touch the throttle and you
Rear End:
Fabricated Ford 9" with Richmond Pro Gears - Ratio-secret!
5500- 6500 +/- @ 90% nitro depending on the weather and tune up
Fuel System:
Enderle Birdcatcher-25 injection nozzles fed by Hillborn 30 GPM PG-250 (#5) pumps
Arias hard anodize coated Nitro pistons and Bill Miller Rods, The crankshaft is a Crower unit. The cam is an Engle grind and Im not telling the specs on it. Thanks to Bobby Marriot!
Data Logger:
RPM Data Logger monitoring all 8 egts, fuel flow (2) Hat & Port/Down nozzles, fuel pressures (2), oil pressure, engine speed, drive shaft speed, acceleration(Gs) and blower manifold pressure and temperature.
Prototype ETC Rev Limiter made especially for this car on Nitro- Thanks Hank!
SuperMag 5s hopped up by Spud Miller at Fuel Injection Enterprises. Spud also does our pump testing.